Monday, September 6, 2010

New Fisher Price EZ Bundle Saves Moms A Bundle!

Of stress and energy, that is!

The brand new Fisher Price EZ Bundle is a 4-in-1 baby system, perfect for babies newborn through 50lbs. As soon as I received this product, I knew that if it was as good as it looked that it would receive our "Must Have!" award, and sure enough- it has!

When my babies were little, how I longed for a product like this. It goes from infant seat to swing, to high chair and toddler chair in just a few simple moves.. I really cannot believe how simple and space saving this product is.

I remember using my swing as a high chair until I didn't need the swing anymore and I utilized the high chair as often as possible for the mere fact that it kept my kids contained as I cooked or cleaned.

Thanks to our friends at Fisher Price and MomSelect, the beautiful little 6 month old that I've been caring for was able to help me review this product.

Putting it together was fairly easy.. the screws were a little difficult to get into the holes, (it felt almost as if they were the wrong size), but with a little muscle they were successfully placed.

Miss Tish is a little too big (now that she's sitting up all by herself), but we were able to get quite a few shots of her in the swing, toddler seat & the high chair settings.

How cute is she?? And of course, how cool is this product??

All in all, Miss Tish really did enjoy the product in all of it's settings. I have to tell you, as a mom who has had a child in a tiny apartment, a medium-sized apartment and a house that we're outgrowing as we speak, my favorite part of this product is that it's a 4-in-1 system that is truly functional.

At only $150, parents can afford to have "one of everything" without going broke. And in an economy like this, Fisher Price has hit a home run when it comes to meeting the needs of their customers. If you are expecting, know someone that is, or have a little one at home, I highly recommend that you give this product a try.

Special thanks to MomSelect and Fisher Price for allowing us to review this product. We received this product to review at no cost, in exchange for a candid review of this product.


Laura September 20, 2010  

What a great system!!!!

Laura September 20, 2010  

What a great system!!!!


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