Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Will Never Forget...


Nine Septembers later and my heart still hurts for those we lost that day- neighbors, friends, relatives, strangers, heroes. I'll never forget how I thanked God that my brother in law's meeting was rescheduled to 'the Nassau County office', and that my friend was visiting family down south. I remember the way my heart just wept as I watched from my living room, 45 miles to the east, and how vulnerable I felt for our country. I remember praying like I've never prayed before, and weeping like I've never wept before.

Today I remember two friends of my husbands- sisters who spent every minute of their lives together, Sam and Lisa Egan, who worked together at Cantor-Fitzgerald. I also remember a friends uncle, Lt. Michael Warchola of the FDNY, and all of the lives we lost that somber September day.


Steve @ 2010 Taxes September 13, 2010  

It is important for America to stay on alert against terrorist and future attacks. Remembering will keep us all safe.

Brandi September 20, 2010  

i remember exactly where i was this day. washing dishes in the kitchen, and my grandma called to ask me if i'd seen what was going on. <3


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