Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holiday Must Haves 2010- What's on YOUR child's Wish List?

Did you know that there are only 16 Friday's until Christmas?

With the holidays quickly approaching, I asked my kids today what was on their holiday wish lists. They rambled off a list of items, but the two things they want most are:

Abbigaile (age 4)-

She didn't get them for Back to School, and she's been asking for them for awhile. 
The nine million commercials definitely help, as well.

Of course, she'd prefer the pink one. Thankfully, the love of reading has carried down to our littlest. 
She saw someone using their V.Reader at my son's school, and was hooked.

Alex (age 7)
He'd really like a drum set, but we don't have the room for a real one. He said that an electronic one would do the job, so this is one of his must have's this season.

He's been asking for this since his birthday, last March. Now that he's older and takes better care of things, 
I think that this might be a great choice for this holiday.

Abbie told me she loves Olivia, anything art, and that she would enjoy "more books and Barbies", as well. Both kids asked for board games, and Alex told me about 15 Wii and DS games. One of the other things that he wants is an Erector Set, or the K'nex Speed Coaster or Motorized Madness Ball Machine.

On my list this year is a new set of pots and pans, an electric sweeper, a crock pot, and a camera. The hubster needs some new tools, but wants an HD radio, an mp3 player, a new laptop/desktop "for just him", a new pair of sneakers and work boots. He would really like a new TV and a home weather station, but knows that's not in our budget.. the same way I'm going to have to wait for my dining room set.

So there's a sneak-peek into our holiday wish lists. What's on yours, your spouse, or your child's list?



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