Monday, September 27, 2010

OLIVIA hits Our List for the Holidays!

Because 4BabyAndMom consists of two families, we have a unique perspective on gifts- especially holiday gifts- because of the range of ages in our family. Both of the girls this year, (age 7 and age 4), have had a sudden obsession with Olivia. Yes, the adorable pink piglet on television and in books.

My big girl wants the super-cool figure sets where she can change the clothes and play with everything miniature. The little one wants the stuffed animal, in every outfit they have. Both girls want the 2-in-1 playset, "baaaaadly".

Thanks to Team Mom and Olivia, our kids were elated to receive a 12-inch plush Olivia doll and the 2-in-1 Olivia Playset in the mail for review. This has since re-ignited their urgency to receive Olivia items in their stockings and under the tree this holiday.

Both of our families enjoy watching the cartoon, and the lessons taught in them. It brings us back to the days where cartoons were almost wholesome. Each of our bookshelves hold the book, OLIVIA and now Lauren delights in watching her little lady prance around with her stuffed Olivia. I love watching my little lady pretend and act out scenes (especially ones with a pesky brother!). I love watching the creativity flow in our house.

Be sure to check out your local toy stores (like Toys R Us) or online at Amazon to find the latest and greatest Olivia toys.



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