Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Barbie Fashion Fairytale DVD Review

I grew up playing with my mom's Barbie dolls, and quite the collection as well. This holiday, I'm planning on gifting some of my Barbies to my little lady. In the meantime, the brand new Barbie A Fashion Fairytale DVD and matching dolls are starting to appear on shelves all over toy-land.

A very dramatic (and traumatic) beginning opens up with Barbie's dreams and world crashing down on her- first she's fired, then Ken breaks up with her- what is she to do? She decides to book a flight to Paris and visit her fashion designer aunt to get away from it all.

Barbie lands in Paris and soon finds out that her aunt's business has been sold because of a sneaky, snarky fashion "designer" that steals successful designs and pretends they are her own. Barbie and her new friend Alecia decide that it is a shame to waste the magic in the studio, and come to find out that there really is magic hiding in the studio.

Three "Flairies" (not fairies, because they have no wings), have more than just flair. Glimmer, Shimmer, and Shine have helped designers for over a 100 years make their designs bold and beautiful, and now may be in danger of losing their powers if the studio is demolished.

Can they help Barbie save her aunt's shop? Does Barbie's aunt still have what it takes? Can Barbie's new friend Alecia save the day? Will the horrid competitor across the street ruin their dreams?

Pick up your copy of Barbie A Fashion Fairytale now to see how the story weaves together in a magic tale. You can find both the DVD and dolls at toy stores near you, or online at Amazon, Toys R Us, and other retailers. The DVD runs about $12.99-$19.99 and the doll is about $29.

Thanks to MomSelect and Barbie, we were given a copy of this DVD to review. My little lady is only 4 years old, and loves Barbie movies. Some of the points in this movie (ie: breaking up, getting fired) were a little over her head, but otherwise it was a very enjoyable movie. As a mom, I hope that if she's ever faced with those trials in life that she won't want to run off to a far-away-land to escape from it all.

The story carried a great life lesson in always remembering to stay true to yourself, and a very cute plot. I loved the play on words, as the little Jack Russell terrier in the movie's name was with a french accent as "Jacq Rue-sal". They even used "redonkulous", making this film modern and trendy for the younger tweens that may still be interested in Barbie or fashion.

Alex (my seven year old son) pretended not to watch, but busted out hysterically when Ken (who was sporting a Justin Beiber style shag cut) bent over and the tush of his pants ripped, exposing some heart shaped undies.

Abbigaile thoroughly enjoyed the "Flairies" and their sass, and literally shrieked with excitement when the Glimmer used her power on Barbie's last dress in the fashion show. I think that this holiday season the Fashion Fairytale Barbie and Ken may be on her list, just for the sheer "Glimmer, Shimmer, and Shine" in both of their outfits.

Special thanks again to both MomSelect and Barbie for allowing us to review this product.



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