Saturday, September 18, 2010

Belly Buds - Music In-Utero

Remember when the only way to play music to your developing in-utero baby was to either play music really loudly, or try and maneuver headphones around your round belly? Well, you no longer have to put headphones (designed for your head!) around your belly with BellyBuds.

BellyBuds – are belly phones! You can place them anywhere on your belly safely, and easily. They adhere to your belly with a hydrogel adhesive ring, which is safe, non-toxic, doesn’t hurt to apply or take off, and leaves no mark whatsoever! You can get a good 20-30 uses out of the belly phones before you may need to replace the hydrogel rings. And the makers of Belly Buds have even included your first set of replacements right in the box!

I was so excited to try this product out. Another great idea that the makers of Belly Buds decided to add to their product, is an audio splitter. So you can listen to music on earphones, and baby can listen to the same music from the belly phones. This is perfect if you have an IPOD or similar device.

As I write this review, my husband in the other room has no idea that I am even listening to music. Meanwhile, my baby and I are relaxing and listening to the sounds of Bach and Mozart. The rest of the room is silent. My only complaint is that the wire for the belly phones/audio splitter is not very long. I have an extensive MP3 collection on my computer, but could not plug directly into the computer since the cord was not long enough. But this is only a minor setback.

The BellyBuds prenatal music set includes one pair of bellybuds™ bellyphones, one pair of bellybuds buddons, two sets of hydrogel adhesive rings, two bellybuds "dock" for safe, convenient storage, one audio splitter for simultaneous listening and one neoprene pouch with belt clip. It retails for $49.99.

I am very happy with Belly Buds, and have used them numerous times throughout my pregnancy. The nifty neoprene carry pouch is great for those times I am on the go. Super convenient! I think these are certainly worth purchasing for any new mom-to-be and would be a great gift at any baby shower!

This post was written by Laura, a long time friend and guest blogger at 4BabyAndMom. Laura is the proud mom of two handsome boy, and is expecting her first little lady.
This item was provided to 4BabyAndMom by BellyBuds and Team Mom at no cost in exchange for a review.



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