Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Johnson's Natural Baby Products- Same Great Name Even Safer Products

As many of you know, I have been trying to take a greener approach to many of the everyday beauty supplies and cleaners that I use around the house. Since my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, I have re-ignited that urge for awareness. I didn't stop paying attention to the ingredients or details whole-heartedly, but yes, I did find myself resorting back to the cheaper products that was more of a "habit" to buy instead of the newer products I've been getting. I remember when we had 'New Baby' last year, I researched baby soaps and products, and was amazed that the brands I loved so much scored so high on the cosmeticsdatabase.com.

When I was approached to review the brand new line of Johnson's & Johnson's baby products (Johnson's Natural) I was very eager and excited. I've been caring for a 6 month old recently, and of course my two 'babies'. Because they hate getting soap in their eyes, I usually end up buying the 'No More Tears' line of products.

I spend a lot on Johnson's products, and always have. Needless to say, I couldn't wait until I received our Johnson's Natural products. The facts: Johnson's Natural are 98%-99% Natural, made from plant & fruit derived ingredients, are paraben free, dye free, and essential oil free. They contain no Animal Byproducts, No Silicones, No Lanolin, No Paraffin, No Petrolatum, and No Phthalates. In English, none of the artificial, scientifically proven cancer causing agents that are commonly found in many bath and beauty products.

The bottles themselves are made with up to 60% post-consumer recycled material, and all of the claims from the press release are true. I thought because of the Johnson's name, that the products would have the traditional "powdery" scent, but it did not. The smell was still light and sweet, but still baby-smelling, but hard to pin point. I smelled some undertones of coconut, (even Alex noticed it a little bit), but don't expect it to smell like a traditional Johnson's & Johnson's product and you'll be ok.

My absolute favorite product so far is the Johnson's Natural Head to Toe Foaming Baby Wash. It pumps out into little bursts of suds that really glide all over baby, giving the feel of super soft skin right away. It's soft, gentle and natural, all of which are perfect for my children.

The price point for these products are very affordable, compared to other natural products on the market, and only range from $3.99 to $6.99 online. 

The Baby Lotion is delightful, light and not greasy at all; it's absorbed into your skin quickly and has an even sweeter scent than the other products. I prefer the products that have a pump, (on sheer convenience alone), but so far I have been very impressed with the entire new line of Natural products from Johnson's.

I take comfort in seeing the 'No More Tears' seal, because it assures me that not only are the products gentle on my child's skin, but also on her eyes. As her new independence blossoms, I can feel comfortable trusting that the 2-in-1 Foaming Hand and Face Wash will get her clean, without stinging her eyes or exposing her to harmful chemicals that traditional foaming cleansers contain.

 This is definitely a product that I would purchase again in the future, and would recommend to other parents looking for safer, and more affordable natural products for their families.

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Johnson’s and received the products necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate."



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