Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nickelodeon & Mattel Announces New Look for Dora!

"For nearly ten years, Dora the Explorer has had such a strong following among preschoolers, catapulting it into the number one preschool show on commercial television," says Gina Sirard, vice president of marketing for Mattel. "Girls really identify with Dora and we knew that girls would love to have their friend Dora grow up with them, and experience the new things that they were going through themselves. The brand captures girls' existing love of Dora and marries it with the fashion doll play and online experiences older girls enjoy." "We are thrilled to partner with Mattel to develop this brand extension that will enable girls to continue to learn and interact with their Latina heroine, Dora, as they grow up together."

I'm not sure how I feel about the "new" look Nickelodeon and Mattel have put together for Dora the Explorer. Carol Costello assured CNN viewers that Dora's "tweenage" look is much more conservative than the shadow profile above suggests. She assures viewers that Dora is wearing leggings under her skirt and that the new look portrays an icon growing up, not maturing sexually, and most importantly, Dora still "uses her brain" to problem solve and investigate her new mysteries.

The perks of the new Dora doll include the ability to link her to the internet so children can play in a "world" where they can dress her up, interact with her, and help solve Nancy Drew style mysteries. The new Dora moves from having adventures in the forest and jungle to the concrete jungle, and adventures in middle school. It has been told that the new Dora is geared for ages 5 and up, but somehow, I do not see my 5 year old playing with a doll that goes to middle school. I cannot help but feel the initial discontent most other bloggers have already displayed, but part of me is eager to see the new look of "tweenage" Dora. Dora's new look is scheduled to debut in fall of 2009.

Until then, what do you think of Nickelodeon & Mattel joining forces to give Dora the Explorer a new "Tweenage" look?

Do you think that the "Tweenage" Dora will grow with your children, or do you think that kids grow old of the new Dora just as quickly as the current Dora?


Brimful Curiosities March 11, 2009  

There are other options available for the older age group, like Barbies. I think Dora should stay geared to preschoolers.

Laura March 16, 2009  

It's like having Strawberry Shortcake - tween style. NOT a good thing. We were fine with Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite staying young. I think we should do the same for Dora... nothing wrong with keeping them the age they started out!


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