Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 New Winners+ Holiday re-draws + 2 New Giveaways= a must read post!

Hope you're all enjoying our Fiesta- make sure you've grabbed our BUTTON by Saturday for extra entries!!

There are 10 new winners to announce, so without further a-do...

The winners of SEDUCED BY A ROGUE are:
Deb (#16)
Darcie (#7)
Terra H. (#20)

The winners of SLEEP NO MORE are:
Darcie K.
Terra H.

Two re-drawn Winter Winners:
Intensity Academy Sauces- ferriz
Popcorn Factory Popcorn Tub- Whitney

There are still several Holiday winners that have not claimed their prizes. Please look over the list and see if your name is on it. Thanks.

Be sure to enter the two new giveaways, A BLACK TIE AFFAIR & Soft Scrub Total Cleaners.

Plus, keep on the lookout for the $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card Giveaway!


roswello February 05, 2010  

OH I WON SLEEP NO MORE GREAT !!do i wait for an email from you or do i email you ??

tree February 05, 2010  

Hi! i was the winner of the Please and Thank You Barney DVD (kenan and tree) . i left a message on the winners page on Jan 23, and emailed you right after. i just saw your email that several winners hadn't claimed their prizes, and since my names at the top of the list of winners...i wanted to make sure you have record that i 'claimed' it. :) i haven't received it in the mail yet. Just making sure! i emailed you again yesterday, but haven't heard back. thanks!!

Jaime February 05, 2010  

Thank you
Copper Llama Studio

Darcie K. February 05, 2010  

Woohoo! I won 2 books! This will keep me busy for a while!
Thank you so much!

Terra H. February 05, 2010  

Hello! I just saw that I'm a winner of the Seduced By A Rogue book. Do I need to email you with my info or will you be emamiling me?
Thanks much.
-Terra H.

roswello February 06, 2010  

i emailed you yesterday about winning the SLEEP NO MORE but have had no repsonse back , not sure what to do now??? dont know how this works to claim the prize

kanishk February 09, 2010  

! This will keep me busy for a while!

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