Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday- Blog the Weight Away

I apologize for not posting this yesterday, but life got away from me. I had intentions of posting first thing this morning, and was informed at drop off that one of the young, talented teachers at the elementary school my son attends passed away unexpectedly yesterday.

The entire school was saddened by this tragic accident, and although I did not know her very well, the times that we did speak were always pleasant. The teachers were asked to tell the students, and I remained on campus most of the day trying to distract a friend who I've grown very close with that was deeply affected. I pray for peace for the entire family of this young teacher, and for the entire staff at my son's school.

Now that that is all out, yesterday was Weigh in Wednesday. Again, my scale showed no change. I've been feeling very discouraged because of the number thing, but set myself up on a menu plan to better help me pay attention to what I'm eating. One of my friends that joined the gym the same time as I did is doing great.. and her numbers are reflecting it. I'm trying not to let it affect me, but it definitely is.

I hope your week was a great week, and that you were motivated more than I was. This week, in your comment, please share what YOU do when you start feeling discouraged. As always, please visit all of the members in the Blog the Weight Away event to show your support and encouragement.

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Phunkyrockgal February 25, 2010  

A menu plan is a great thing! I REALLY need to start making one again.

Phunkyrockgal February 25, 2010  

Oh! and I'm sorry for your loss. HUGS

Anonymous,  February 25, 2010  

Sorry about your loss. The pounds will begin to melt off before you know it

Stefany February 25, 2010  

I'm sorry the numbers aren't reflecting anything right now.

One thing I do is change things up a bit when that happens. I change to a different workout (like walking instead of weights or something) and drink more water.

Keep your chin up!

Stefany (purple)


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