Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday- Blog the Weight Away

Hello Ladies- This week was rough.. aside from Valentine's Day and a bunch of yummy-not-so-good-for-you stuff, we had Alex's first baseball practice and today our new (used) minivan that we bought MONDAY evening caught fire around the block from our house.

Yesterday I got measured for my first bridesmaid dress- and I dropped a dress size!! WOOT WOOT. As far as my numbers go, I have no idea as the trainer banned me from the scale. Hopefully sometime soon I will be allowed back on it, and will let you know how it goes from there. 

I'm hoping to go to the gym extra long tomorrow, and I just ordered a copy of JUST DANCE for myself.

Without further a-do- here's the MckLinky. Be sure to visit everyone on the list and show your support. Also, if you notice some team members missing, please shoot them a message and let them know that we are still here to support them!! Hope you all had good weeks, despite of the huge chocolate temptations this weekend.

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Stacey @ Say Something Stacey February 17, 2010  

Awesome for being down a dress size!

Have a great week!

Phunkyrockgal February 17, 2010  

Congrats on the dress size!!

Colleen February 18, 2010  

Congrats on being down a dress size!!! You might end up needing the dress you order taken in before the wedding too!

Stefany February 18, 2010  

Way to go on the dress size! I love seeing a difference in my clothes!

Owen's Mom February 22, 2010  

Congrats lady! There is nothing sweeter than watching the pounds melt away. I can't wait to be down a size or 2...3 or 4!


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