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Rubbermaid Junk Drawer Organizer Review + Giveaway

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to try to get more organized in 2010. I have what I like to call "organized chaos". From what my older female friends say, as the kids grow older I should grow out of it, and I can only hope that it's true.

In the meantime, I find myself partaking in Parent Workshops at the local elementary school that teach all about the methods of The Fly Lady,and re-reading a book I read a few years ago, and drifting into a day dream where our cupboards have space for all of our "stuff".

I had the opportunity to condense my reusable container area during back to school with the Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids and that alone has helped tremendously, so when Rubbermaid contacted me to ask if I would be willing to review their new Junk Drawer Organizers. These new organizers are starting to pop up in stores this month, and are the perfect tool for any one looking to have a functional junk drawer.

From Rubbermaid:

The three keys to having a functional junk drawer are:
  1. Giving junk drawer inhabitants a specific place to live in the drawer
  2. Not throwing things that belong elsewhere in the drawer
  3. Cleaning the drawer out every once in awhile
On top of this, Rubbermaid gives the advice that you should set aside an hour of time and clear off a working space that is large enough to hold all the items in your drawer. Then they suggest you "Take a deep breath". This for me, was the most important and useful advice. Very often times, I find myself overwhelmed at the thought of this gigantic pile (even if it's just some junk in the junk drawer), and get discouraged very easily. 

Anyway, after taking the advice off of the Junk Drawer Organization 101 sheet included with my organizer, I got to work.My junk drawer has never looked better.

Visit to get great organizational tips on all areas of your home, and to find a retailer near you that sells Rubbermaid products.

Our friends at Rubbermaid want you to get YOUR junk drawer in tip-top shape, so, one lucky reader is going to win a Rubbermaid Junk Drawer Organizer!


Please visit our WINNERS PAGE for more information on how to claim your prize!

This giveaway is open to residents of the US. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm EST on March 5, 2010. The winner will be chosen using, and all winner information will be posted on this post and our WINNERS PAGE. Any unclaimed prizes will be redrawn accordingly and at the discretion of 4BabyAndMom. The product above was sent to me at no cost, for the intentions of a product review only. No monetary compensation has been received for this review or post. All opinions expressed above are 100% mine, and your opinions may differ.


Debbie February 27, 2010  

my organizational not-so-hot spot is my desk in the kitchen... it is where the mail piles up, receipts, my purse, lists, camera, multiple phone chargers, laptop and anything and eveything else... it's always a mess and i am not a messy person so it annoys me to just look at it.


Niurka February 28, 2010  

My hot spot is the computer table.
I put my magazines, purse,planner and other things.

Niurka February 28, 2010

Niurka February 28, 2010  

I follow on twitter @lindalatina

Anonymous,  February 28, 2010  

My hot spot is my computer desk.The drawer and shelves are filled with junk,Mail goes there magazines,cds,theres candy there my kids homework,and the list goes on

andrea v February 28, 2010  

my desk is the worst, I start a pile to file and never seem to get to it

amanda February 28, 2010  

my hot spot is my computer desk. sometimes it's hard to find the computer! eek. another one is a drawer in my kitchen... i could really use this organizer there!
oheeyore at hotmail dot com

Kelly February 28, 2010  

My organizational "hot spot" is my desk. I would use this organizer to straighten out the mess of office supplies that I can never find under all the other stuff.


coriwestphal March 01, 2010  

I have a drawer in my kitchen that is my catch-all. I keep all of my spare tools, nails, tape, those kinds of things. Most of the time I can't even get the thing open! I'd love to get it cleaned up with Rubbermaid!

coriwestphal March 01, 2010  

I have your button:

coriwestphal March 01, 2010  

I'm a FB fan: Cori Eckstrom Westphal

coriwestphal March 01, 2010  


Anonymous,  March 03, 2010  

My hot spot is my desk. Everything gets piled on it. Ite would make it easier to find items.

LittleEagle March 03, 2010  

My many hot spots include the garage. I would love rubbermaid's garage organizing system sharonaquilino at hotmail dot com

slb3334 March 03, 2010  

the kitchen utensil drawer.

chromiumman March 04, 2010  

my hot spot is the hall closet

chromiumman (at) mail (dot) com

sweepmom March 04, 2010  

My hot spot is my desk in our kitchen. I could really use this product for my kitchen junk drawer.

Anonymous,  March 04, 2010  



Anonymous,  March 04, 2010  

My hot spot would be my closet. This product would come in handy because I'm not good at organizing anything.

jennem March 04, 2010  

My desk--my office supplies are hopelessly mixed with my little one's art supplies. Which is why I need this!
Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

mogrill March 04, 2010  

I have a catch all kitchen drawer. It is horrible, this would help!! Thanks for the chance.

see above March 04, 2010  

Our junk/batteries/writing utensils/coupons/keys/change drawer could definitely use some help ala rubbermaid. Thanks for the giveaway!

Janette March 04, 2010  

My office desk is where EVERYTHING ends up. The drawers are full of junk and everything ends up stacked on top. This would help there or in the kitchen's junk drawer.
decadent87 at gmail dot com

Janette March 04, 2010  

I made a comment on your Odyssey of the Mind post

Anonymous,  March 04, 2010  

My basement and craft room seem to be dump it please pick Me for everything to organize thanks kaysweep at att dot net thank you

Stacy March 04, 2010  

The junk drawer in the kitchen is full of everything.

Jinxy and Me March 05, 2010  

My kitchen drawer!

amy16323 March 05, 2010  

i have so many junk drawers.thanks

Becky March 05, 2010  

I have about 4 junk drawers...ughhh

Sarah March 05, 2010  

I have a number of hot spots - mostly closets. We have two pantries - one in the kitchen for food and one right off the kitchen for whatever- it's about time to reorganize the latter one now. Then there's couple of drawers in the kitchen that hold a number of miscellaneous items that would be improved by Rubbermaid products.

Sarah March 05, 2010  

I live in a small apartment so staying organized would help give me more space! I have a basket that's on top of my entryway shoe organizer that is my attempt at organization...not very successful though. :)

Leslie March 05, 2010  

My hot spot is the baker's rack near my back door. It's where I throw mail, keys, etc. when I come home.

My junk drawer is kind of a pit, too, so I could really use this organizer!

kathy pease March 05, 2010  

ours is closets and the kitchen drawers they are jammed with stuff :(
this would be great for our kitchen drawers because i dont even know where to start

kathy pease March 05, 2010  

fan on facebook kathylpease

kathy pease March 05, 2010

mail4rosey March 05, 2010  

To keep the house looking neat, we have one room where we put stuff we don't need at the moment, or have to file or put away later. I have to go in that room and straighten it up every couple of weeks or it would just get out of hand.

I could use this organizer in the family room where we have a junk drawer.

Thank you.

Gianna March 05, 2010  

All my drawers are an un-organized nightmare. I'm starting my spring cleaning early and am looking to get very organized this year.

Betty C March 05, 2010  

My hot spot is the hallway table. Everything seems to end up there.

Betty C March 05, 2010  

I follow on Twitter and tweeted.

Betty C March 05, 2010  

I have your button.

Betty C March 06, 2010  

I follow on Facebook and commented on the wall.

Donna March 06, 2010  

Mine is my kitchen drawer

Karen March 06, 2010  

ugh the guestroom


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