Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday ~ Blog the Weight Away

Sorry ladies, I'm a little late tonight- but better late than never, right? I had some minor computer issues this week, but now that it's all taken care of- here goes my weekly check in.

I went the the gym three days in a row so far for this week. Today I did sit-ups on a pilates ball, and holy Lord, my core is FEELING it tonight! I've been doing at least two miles on the elliptical for cardio every time I go. I can see from that alone how much my endurance has increased. I was banned from the scale until further notice- lol- as my numbers are not going down, but my measurements still are.. so I had two trainers and my "lady" yell at me to stay away from the scale. So as far as my weight goes, it was the same this week AGAIN- but the only dramatic difference was the inch and a half on my calves. I guess staying the same weight wise, but noticing how my clothing has been fitting, and the inches dropping is better than nothing, right?

I hope you all had a great week and saw huge changes, either on the scale or from your measurements. Just a reminder, although we have teams please visit the other team members weigh ins to help encourage and support them on this journey.

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Phunkyrockgal February 10, 2010  

Keep it up Lauren! Remember the more muscle you have, the faster that fat will burn off. Before you know it that scale will be dropping!

Colleen February 11, 2010  

Sounds like you are doing great...keep it up!

Anabelle February 11, 2010  

Muscle weights twice as much as fat does, so your doing great! Obviously its working with the inches coming off.

I remember this summer when I started running, i didn't lose much in the beginning, but I sat down one morning to help my daughter with her shoes and was totally shocked at how hard and muscular my legs felt, it was awesome, and I bet your body is changing in the same way! Keep it up the great work!

Brandy February 11, 2010  

I am having a major issue with my leg ... the veins and I can't really feel my left leg. Waiting on getting financial aid through the local health center. So I have been doing low key workouts but the low key Wii Fit workout is what I fear made me have my leg OUT today :-( So great job I am still down the same 10" and 13lbs but nothing more than that yet due to the leg & vein issues. I have a post scheduled for 2marro about it.

Keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous,  February 11, 2010  

That happens with me when I burn fat and gain muscle. It sounds like your doing fine. Keep it up!

brian_paco at hotmail dot com


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