Friday, February 19, 2010

Create Your Dream Kitchen with Schumacher Homes Contest!

Schumacher Homes wants to know, what does your dream kitchen look like?

Right now, if you fill out a short survey telling what your dream kitchen would look like, you'll be entered to win an 8GB Apple iPod Touch on March 20, 2010!

I wish my home was large enough to sport my "dream kitchen" but being that the majority of my appliances are 1968 specials, my dream kitchen will have to wait.

Tonight at 9pm EST, Schumacher Homes will be kicking off this contest with a Twitter party. Just search for the hash tag #SchumacherHomes, and join in the celebration.

Be sure to enter the Schumacher Homes Contest now for your chance to WIN!

Special Thanks to the Global Influence Network for sharing this contest information with 4BabyAndMom.

No monetary compensation was received for this post. To thank me for spreading the word about this contest and promotion, my name has been entered to win a Garmin GPS unit. This does not affect my opinion on this product or promotion.


Owen's Mom February 20, 2010  

Thanks for sharing this info. I would love to have my dream kitchen someday... for now I will settle for all working appliances and counter space! :)

Southern Bella's Big Daddy February 22, 2010  

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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