Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday ~Blog the Weight Away!

This week was insane.. check that, last month- ALL of January, was insane. But, since the last time I checked in Mom went for her 3rd Chemo treatment, we got over being sick FINALLY, Abbigaile had lice, and I got my 'Dear Aunt Flo' for the second time in two and a half weeks. (Sorry for the TMI.) I think it's just because of all of the stress, sickness, and changes in my activity level-plus last time it was super light and almost non-existance, so it was bound to creep up again soon.

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I went to the Gym on Monday, day 1 with my Dear Aunt visiting and weighed in at 314.7, which is a 2.1 pound weight loss, but only a tenth down from where I began. Obviously I'm bloated, so I'm with that number because I've noticed my arms and legs developing muscle and slimming down. While shaving my legs, I happened to realize I'm getting a dent in my calves and quads from where my muscle is. SO exciting!

I only went to the gym three times this week, but I played JUST DANCE on Tuesday, jogged after my kids on their bikes on Friday, and ran after them all day on Sunday at a birthday party at Great Explorations.  I took the stairs instead of the elevator, many, many times, and turned down the cake. I've been drinking a TON of water, and honestly feel like I will start to float away sometime soon, but find myself thirsty again not too soon after I'm done thinking that.

I just did my measurements, and *drum roll, please*--

I'm down 7 inches in my waist, 0.5 in my hips, 0.5 on my arms, 1 inch on my thighs, but up about two inches on my calves (I think because of my Dear Aunt, or the fleece pants I'm wearing).

The kids love going to the gym with me, and today I'm supposed to go to Zumba with the girls, as long as they don't forget to pick me up because I'm without a car today. So, that's the dilly, and here's my chart.

Thanks again to for keeping it all in check for me!

Your start date: 1/19/2010 
Starting weight/height: 314.8   5' 10"
Goal weight: 220 
Last weigh-in weight: 314.7 
Last weigh-in date: 2/1/2010 
Weeks (days) on Program: 1.9 (13) 
Total to lose: 94.8 
Lost so far: 0.1  
Pounds to go: 94.7 
Average loss/week: 0.1 
Est. weeks (days) to go:
947 (6629) 
Percent of body weight lost: 0 %
Number of weigh-ins:
Adult BMI (what's this?):

Please visit all of our contestants and show your support. Don't forget, if we've inspired you to get healthier this year post your link to show us YOUR progress too.

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Phunkyrockgal February 03, 2010  

Good job Lauren! You're doing great! Don't let the stress get to you.

Colleen February 03, 2010  

Awesome job on those measurements!!! I hope things will get better so you are less stressed. oh and the leg thing...that was so me last week. I said the same thing...I was shaving and was like..yeah look at the definition in my the toning up!

ps dont forget to fill in the linky for your own blog, so others can click on it on our blogs.

Lauren @4BabyAndMom February 03, 2010  

Thanks ladies, off to check out your progress! (And link my own post! LOL, thanks!)

Stacey @ Say Something Stacey February 03, 2010  

Those measurements are looking great! Nice week!

Brandy February 04, 2010  

Great job! I have to get some measurements up ... didn't know what day to "weigh in" darn .. that site looks decent too, I should sign up for it.

Stefany February 06, 2010  

Those measurements are fantastic!

I want to get that Just Dance Wii game. I think it might be a fun change in exercising.

Another person talking about Zumba. I guess I need to find out what that is. lol


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