Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Betty Crocker has nothing on me!

Nothing happens in my life until one week- then EVERYTHING happens, including guests from out of state, a county competition that we won and are now going to state with, another case of lice, and two of my kids birthdays. Insanity. These times are pure insanity.

Anyway, in the days after the Odyssey of the Mind competition, we decided to do a fund raiser- this week. This was officially decided and approved YESTERDAY. The bake sale is on Thursday. Only the teacher, another mom and I are going to be running it which means that tonight I need to try to make my famous cupcakes to see if I can get them to individually wrap without them getting all smushy. If not, I will only be making chocolate chip cookies (with double chocolate chips), and rice krispie treats. The teacher is going to make brownies, and maybe something else, and then be responsible for everything else- change, table, etc.

I was hoping to come up with something more creative, but I'm pretty tapped. Any suggestions or ideas for more baked goods would be great.

You all have been super patient waiting for our winners to be announced for our recent giveaways.. well, I have great news!! Keep on the lookout for winner information to be added to the giveaway posts as well as on the winner list all day today.

Have a happy Monday!


Tina March 09, 2010  

I don't know where you are, but I saw individual cupcake boxes at the dollar store. You can also purchase plastic cupcake holders at cake supply stores that are very inexpensive. The hold six or 12. They may also have single options. It would be a very simple solution for your cupcakes at a very minimal price.


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