Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trying to Transfer to Another Host

Over the next couple of days you may start noticing some changes with 4BabyAndMom. I purchased my direct domain name about a year ago with a company I've never used before. It was so difficult for me to get used to after working with a very user-friendly company, that I settled on a redirect for the entire year. Thankfully, I got the domain name at an uber cheap price, so all in all it really wasn't that bad.

So, now that you all know me as AND, hopefully everything will transfer over nicely during the next several days and we won't have any issues. *IF* per chance you are finding a glitch, or an error, or would like to provide feedback- I would love to hear all about it. This all should start sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Please contact me at 4BabyAndMom at gmail dot com with any questions, concerns or feedback.


sweetyy March 24, 2010  

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