Thursday, August 9, 2012

17.3 inch Toshiba Laptop only $299!

Whether your child is in Elementary, Middle School, High School or College, back to school means homework, papers, and projects. Take advantage of this super deal on a Toshiba Satellite 17.3-Inch Laptop HERE for only $299! Limited quantites are available, so be sure to check it out.

During back to school, (and all year long), I stalk out Groupon for great local deals, and amazing online deals. From dates with the husband, to stuff for the house, I find deals on there all of the time. Right now, many deals are geared for kids, or for the dorm. Find organizational items, PJ's, some trendy accessories, and lots more. Right now you can even pick up a Schticky for only $15. Tell me you have no desire to try it.. I know I do!! Especially since one of our resident reviewers told us she LOVES hers for her stairs. I don't have stairs, but I'm sure I could find something to use it on!

Anyway- join Groupon, if you haven't already, and personalized deals and special offers will be emailed directly to you. Once you find an offer you can't live without, you simply purchase it, and then follow the prompts online to redeem it. For local items, we print out our Groupon, take it with us, and redeem it much like we would a coupon. I'm telling you- once you start, you'll become hooked. Have fun browsing!




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