Saturday, August 11, 2012

If You Were an Animal..

Family dinner is super important at our house. My family keeps me on my toes, and you never really know what we're going to talk about, but an interesting conversation is sure to come up.

The other night, our family had a discussion about which animal we each would be:

Me: What bird would I be?

Daughter: I think you'd be a Harpy Eagle.

Me: did you just call me a harpy?!?!?!

Son + Hubby: chuckle loudly

Daughter: No, a harpy eagle!!

Me: what? Do you think I shriek when I speak?!

Son + Hubby: continue laughing

Daughter: No!!!! They are really cute, Mom!! They have feathers that stick up in the back of their head like your hair does!

Son + Hubby: laugh harder

Me: my hair doesn't stick up!! *looks at reflection of half bun crap hairdo in the microwave door* Maybe it does. How did you hear about Harpy Eagles anyway?

Daughter: I read about them.

Son: on Tv?* bratty smirk*

Daughter: no, I said I read it. It was in a book.

Son: oh yeah--what book was that?

Daughter: Lions of the sky.

Son: oh. * looks like he got served*

Hubby: Wow. Learn something new everyday. Good job, sweetheart!

Me: yeah-- all though I'm still offended. *googles on phone* oh they really are cute!!

What kind of conversations do YOU have at the dinner table??



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