Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School with Gutzy Gear!

My kids love finding new products that make them stand out in a crowd. This back to school season we were able to host a home party for new Gutzy Gear products.

Gutzy Gear
sells strap covers for your child's book bag, and these awesome velcro patches that kids can collect, trade, or switch to make their back pack that much cooler!

Both of my kids LOVED the Gutzy Gear for their backpacks. Alex uses his Gutzy Gear to cover the rough bottom parts of his straps, and Abbie likes to wear hers at the top of her straps, for style and support.

Gutzy Gear can be found at the back to school section of most local Kmart's and Toys R Us locations. The strap covers come in a two pack, with a bonus patch, and retails for about $1o. The velcro patches are also in a two pack and retail for about $4.

We invited our friends to come over and share in our excitement over the new Gutzy Gear back to school items, and they thought it was super cool! The kids ranged from pre-k through 4th grade, and they all loved it. All of the kids were able to remove and attach the patches with no problems. The only debate they got into was whether or not to wear it high or low on their straps!

The moms did suggest that it would be more appealing if the strap two pack came with a surprise patch on the second strap. They felt that parents could feel better that the straps are "even" and don't look uneven, and that the kids would be more excited opening their starter kits to see what their surprise patch was... thus increasing the desire to collect the patches with their friends, or encouraging them to trade it. I tend to agree, that while they're fun, the novelty has seemed to wear off, especially since a lot of kids in our area *don't* have Gutzy Gear.

That being said, I can totally see how this product has the potential to take off the way Pogs did in the 90's. With the right marketing, and more availability, this might just be the new must have product, not JUST for back to school, but all year round. Without it, it might disappear before everyone knows just how cool they are.

My advice- if you find it in your Toys R Us or Kmart, get it for your kids.. they'll love it, even if it's not the next big thing. Stay up to date on this great product on Facebook. Rumor has it that you'll start to see Gutzy Gear licensed gear from favorites like Sponge Bob, and Marvel.. I can't wait!

Special thanks to our friends at Gutzy Gear and MomSelect for providing the gear for us (and our friends!) to review! Want to WIN Gutzy Gear for your child- be sure to enter our upcoming Back to School CASH giveaway. Three other winners will receive Gutzy Gear Samples!



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