Friday, August 17, 2012

Polly Pocket Hangout House + Stick-N-Play Review

With two girls in the house, we are always in search of fun toys that can keep both girls engaged. Both of them love to pretend with dolls and Polly Pocket is one of their favorites.

We received the new Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset and Polly Pocket Stick N Play "Kitchen" play set to review a few weeks ago. Both of the girls were saving their points (their allowance) for some Polly Pocket toys over the summer, so they were super excited to get their hands on these!

Just like the regular play sets, Polly Pocket comes with a bright, miniature spin-off of a real life location. The Hangout House is pretty nifty. According to the girls, it's like a house and "super-cool clubhouse" all in one. But one thing that makes this playset different is that the girls in the playset come with these suction cup shoes that allow them to "hang out" where ever you want to place them... giving a whole new meaning to "hanging out".

(Even Alex liked that play on words!)

How cool is that?! The girls loves sticking them upside down, and tried to stick them everywhere. Even on the sliding glass door, which had them in a fit of giggles!!

The one thing that I used to find annoying was the teeeeeeeeny tiny size of Polly Pocket, and all of her accessories. The good news is that they've all gotten a little bigger.

Don't get me wrong, they're still small, the girls barely noticed, but I saw that they were able to play with some of the accessories, get Polly and her friends suction shoes on all by themselves, and organize their house without asking for help a trillion times.

We're already in love with Polly Pocket, and are really excited to see what new, fun, Stick-n-play accessories are going to become available this holiday season. Know that you're going to be seeing these play sets as one of the holidays hottest toys for girls.

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