Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crayola Chuck Taylors=A Dream Come True + $150 Giveaway! Ends 8/25

Back to school shoe shopping has been the bane of my existence recently. My daughter, who is nine, has some fashion ideas of her own this year and has been whining all summer. You see, she wanted Converse High Tops—but not just any high top. She wanted the ones that go all the way up to your knee. I told her that her father would never allow her to wear knee high sneakers, and certainly not for school. She insisted that they were all she wanted. She asked her father for high tops and he said, ”Sure, every kid should have a pair of All-Stars.” She then got very excited yelling to me that “Daddy said yes!” Well played, daughter of mine!
He got “ the look” as I sent him a picture of the shoes she wanted. After a look at them,he said absolutely not! “I thought she wanted a standard pair of high tops!” She was once again devastated. She even drew me a picture with a note the begged for them. I was not budging though, as those high tops were just a bit too high for my 9 year old.
Then, the greatest thing happened! We received a pair of Crayola Converse All Star’s (Chuck Taylors!) to review from Kid’s Foot Locker! I cannot begin to thank them enough! Not only did they save me from another argument with my daughter, but they also supplied me with a fantastic pair of kicks to kick off the school year.
The Crayola line of shoes by Converse is super cute! The Crayola crayon trademark is all over the shoes, but is also very subtle! Her pair are yellow, and just like a crayon—it says so on the bottom. The shoes come with a fold-able layer that changes to grey for a new look. I have always been a fan of Converse sneakers; I grew up wearing All-Stars in every color and am glad to be passing the tradition to my children. My daughter fell completely in love with her YELLOW (her favorite color) high tops and proclaimed they were, “Just what she always wanted!” She loves that they have Crayola details and thinks they are, “So AWESOME!” The shoes are made extremely well and are very comfortable. Mia is very excited to start the new year with them.
Thank you again Kids Foot Locker for the opportunity to review these fabulous sneakers, but also for saving me from the tantrums of a nine year old.
In celebration of Back to School our friends at Kids Foot Locker are giving us $150 in gift cards to giveaway to ONE lucky reader! Kids Foot Locker Gift Cards can be redeemed online, or in any Foot Locker brand store. This is a great opportunity to get sneakers for the whole family, or at least put a dent in it!
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Michelle,  August 11, 2012  

I think my son would love the Reebok Zig Activate sneakers in Little Kids. Thanks for the giveaway.

karenk,  August 11, 2012  

My son would love the Jordan big kids.. Thanks for great give away

Heather Sutton August 11, 2012  

My 2 and 6 year old love wearing Converses. They are just like me in regards to liking shoes.
Heather Sutton

Cyndy August 11, 2012  

baby Nike's very adorable!

sohamolina August 12, 2012  

Nike LunarGlide 4 - Big Kids

Mami2jcn August 12, 2012  

I like the adidas Samba Classic - Big Kids:

Audra Weathers,  August 12, 2012  

My daughter would like the Skechers Twinkle Toe S Lights Shuffles Triple/Toddlers. She would love the rhinestones and I think it's so cool that they actually light up!

Jessica To,  August 12, 2012  

I would like to get the Big Kids, Nike Air Force shoes for my son.

tabitha pyle,  August 12, 2012  

love the adidas Originals Samoa - Toddlers

JC August 12, 2012  

Nike Free Run 3 (Spark/White/Volt/Reflect Silver)- Big Kids.

Ashley August 12, 2012  

These would be perfect for my son:


Shawna August 12, 2012  

My 9 yro daughter loves the high top converse but I just have not been able to get them for her. I did by her a knock-off pair and she wore those until the soles fell off. She loved the Converse All-Star Hi Aqua pair. Shawna

VickeC August 12, 2012  

these would for my grandsons Jake an Joey
Nike Free Run3 Little kids

Xmasdolly August 12, 2012  

I'd be buying a pair for my husband because he goes through them like water, and he doesn't get rid of them until they're talking back to him. I usually buy the cheap-O brand at Walmart/

Stef plus 3 August 12, 2012  

I'd get my daughter the nike free run 3 in black/iris

Katie,  August 12, 2012  


Katie,  August 12, 2012  

Sorry forgot to leave the name!
Nike Shox Turbo 13

agatewood1 August 12, 2012  

I like these:

Sonya August 12, 2012
Mine would love the pink and light green Nike Air Max.

TinyTyrant August 12, 2012  

I like the Reebok ZigLite Run - Big Kids

Christy August 12, 2012  

My daughter would like the Nike Sunray Adjust 4 - Little Kids sandals.

Tj And Amy August 12, 2012  

I would love the NIke air max 2012 for my daughter.
Nike Air Max 2012 - Big Kids

374's Wife August 13, 2012  

These for my son...

Bunny B August 13, 2012  

Think he'd like the Nike Air Max 95 - Little Kids
bunnybx at gmail . com

Frugal Tumbleweed Acres August 13, 2012  

My great grand loves purple so she would like the Nike free run 3-Toddlers shoe.

Lori T,  August 13, 2012  

I think my Son Would Like Nike Air Legacy 3 in dark green And My Daughter would Like Nike Free Run 3 in Pink :-)

Miranda W. August 13, 2012  

I think our son would like:

Thanks for the chance! With 4 kids, this would help!!!!

Tina August 13, 2012  

Converse All Star Ox in pink

MamaStace August 13, 2012  

My son loves these in gray & yellow:


Gina M (crave to save) August 13, 2012  

I would love to get this pair for my son!

Entered the rafflecopter form as "crave to save"

Thanks for the chance to win!
gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

Karen A. August 13, 2012  

Nike Air Max 2012 - Big, black and white

Anonymous,  August 13, 2012  

since I'm shopping for Shae she wants anything PINK :) she love the skechers ballerinas most of all.

kellyr78 August 13, 2012  

I think I would get Reebok Zig Sneakers for my son in black/blue


Yvette Rivera,  August 13, 2012  

I love the Nike Free Run 2.0 for my grandson!

Yvette Rivera,  August 13, 2012  

I love the Nike Free Run 2.0 for my grandson!

Nadene Adams August 14, 2012  

My daughter would love to have the Converse All Star Crayola Double Tongue - Big Kids

Terra H. August 14, 2012  

My son would like the blue Nike Air Max 2012 - Big Kids shoes. Thanks.

Laura Maurer Storms August 14, 2012  

I like the Reebok ZigLite Run!

Rochel S August 14, 2012  

My son would like the Converse All Star Easy Hi:

Sarah McGuire August 14, 2012  

Toddler's Jordan Retro 4's would be cool!

mugsymcg46 at yahoo dot com

Robyn August 14, 2012  

I would love to get these shoes for my little guy!

Shooting Stars Mag August 15, 2012  

i would love these for my nephew-

jenspurg August 15, 2012

tweetyscute August 15, 2012  

My son would love these Nikes

Monica August 15, 2012  

Skechers Twinkletoes Light Shuffle Stripe.


degood August 15, 2012  

My daughter would like the pink
Converse All Star Hi - Toddlers

Anonymous,  August 15, 2012  

I like the Nike Air Force 1 Mid - Big Kids

carol roberts,  August 15, 2012

amy beth marantino August 15, 2012  

i like the Jordan Flight 23 RST - Big Kids

Noelle,  August 15, 2012  

My littles would totally dig the Crayola chucks, especially the outer space colored ones!

Bluecupcake August 16, 2012  

I'm loving the Skechers Twinkle Toes S Lights Shuffles for my 2 year old daughter :)

She would so rock them & look like a diva that she is lol

I'll keep my fingers & toes crossed ,this would dedinitely help me out so much as i'm a single full time student .


Cindy August 16, 2012  

We are 100% a Chuck Taylor family. My daughter would absolutely love the Crayola ones.

bettycd August 16, 2012  

my daughter loves the Nike LunarGlide 4

Danielle Meek August 16, 2012  

I'd get the Nike Shox Turbo 13 - Toddlers for my 3 year old.

kelley August 16, 2012  

id get the nike darts for my son :)

shan320m August 16, 2012  

My brother would love the Nike Shox Turbo 13 in the black and green.

Melissa David,  August 17, 2012  

I would buy these shoes for my daughter: Skechers Twinkle Toes S Lights Shuffles Scramble - Little Kids

Sherry Compton,  August 17, 2012  

New Balance 990 - Little Kids
Width - Wide
It comes in wide for my grandson.

Pat August 17, 2012

pkildow at gmail dot com

Kerry August 18, 2012  

I'd like the Skechers Bella Ballerina Prima - Little Kids for my daughter

amweeks August 18, 2012  

My son would love the Reebok ZigLite Electrifys!

Country Cookin' Mama August 18, 2012

Shelley Gajus August 18, 2012  

I love the Free run Nikes for my daughter.

notsosimpleshelley (at) gmail (dot) com

Sarah Walker August 19, 2012  

My son would love the Timberland Waterproof Boot - Toddlers. ( SEARCH%3A KEYWORD SEARCH)

Lindsey Gain August 19, 2012  

would love some pink hi-top chucks for my 3 year old!

Regina,  August 20, 2012  

Would love some baby nukes

mcohee,  August 20, 2012  

My daughter would love the converse in aqua!

Brittney M,  August 20, 2012  

My 2 year old LOVES the pink Nikes and aqua converses!

Joretta Foster August 20, 2012  

Jordan Flight 45 High

Tara V. August 20, 2012  

My daughter would love he purple Nike Free Run 3

Kimberly August 21, 2012

leanne_mac August 22, 2012

leannemacg at

Anonymous,  August 22, 2012  

I would buy these baby sneakers

they are so cute!

pokergrl8 at

Katy August 22, 2012  

I'd love to get my niece the adidas Originals Hard Court Hi - Toddlers. They're adorable and she would adore the touch of pink. :)

Lynn Galyen,  August 22, 2012  

I would buy sneakers for myself. Reebok Classic Leather - Women ' s at .

Katy August 22, 2012  

My niece would look adorable in these adidas Originals Hard Court Hi - Toddlers!


Thomas Murphy August 22, 2012  

my son would like these

familyeducator August 24, 2012  

My daughter would love these Nike.


SHANNA ELIZABETH August 24, 2012  

Nike Free Run 3 - Little Kids
Selected Style: Pure Platinum/Soar Blue/Volt/Reflect Silver

Susan Faatz August 24, 2012  

I'd get the sneakers for my other half as he needs them badly. Or for myself as I also need new ones.

Lisa Puckett,  August 24, 2012  

My daughter would love these..

Courtney B August 24, 2012  

i love these nikes

they would be for my son!

vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

Teresa Thompson August 24, 2012

Leah Baird August 24, 2012  

My nieces would love these, great for the oldest two that started cross country.

Dacia Vaughn,  August 24, 2012  

would love to win shoes for myself and my son who is about to start school

rena Hyde,  August 24, 2012  

I would love to get these for my daughter! Nike Shoe Turbo 13 in black and pink.

vanderpug August 24, 2012  

I think both grandsons would love the Reebok Ziglit Electrify in the blue and orange because they are so colorful and fun looking.

Anonymous,  August 24, 2012  

My daughter wants crayola chucks!

tlcfromtn August 24, 2012  

Reebok ZigLite Electrify - Big Kids

Patrice J,  August 24, 2012  

Nike Run Free 3

shanon hyatt August 24, 2012  

I would like the "PUMA Suede Classic - Little Kids" for my grandson.

Brittany Poole August 24, 2012  

My son picked Skechers Ibex Humvee - Little Kids.

ReggieMann August 24, 2012  

My niece would love the Pink/Purple Skechers Twinkle Toes S Lights Shuffles Scramble

coriwestphal August 24, 2012  

I'd love to get a pair of the Reebok ZigActivate's for my son!

coriwestphal at msn dot com

Candice August 24, 2012  

My oldest son would love this pair
Thank you!
candicesweeps at yahoo dot com

cocorricco August 25, 2012  

I would probably get the PUMA Speeder Illuminescent - Toddlers, for my Godson

MichelleS August 25, 2012  

I would buy these shoes for my little girl:

skipthelaundry August 25, 2012  

I like the Nikde Free Run 3 girls shoes in Violet Wash.
skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

Heather R August 25, 2012  

We would love to get the

Lana Bradstream August 25, 2012  

Nike Shox Turbo 13 - Big Kids


Sarah August 25, 2012  

My daughter would love the Skechers Bella Ballerina Prima Princess sneakers.

A. Smith August 25, 2012  

I love the Nike Dual Fusion Run - Little Kids style shoes!!
asmithonline at yahoo dot ca

LaurKnotter August 25, 2012  

Adidas Samba Classic

Colleen Boudreau August 25, 2012  


Anonymous,  August 25, 2012  

Thankfully my son is at the stage where he simply loves to wear shoes, so he'd get a few pair to grow into, too.

Laura August 25, 2012  

My son would love these:
Jordan 1 flight in black and yellow, because he says black and yellow together is his favorite.

sliverqueen217 August 25, 2012  

My son would love the Skechers Luminators Nova Wave - Little Kids

edgesmama August 25, 2012  

my son would love kobe vii shoes


tina reynolds August 25, 2012  

I love the Nike Air Max 2009 - Big Kids in dark white and cyber for my son jack.

maria elena August 25, 2012

soo cuuuteeee
Converse All Star Crayola Double Tongue - Toddlers sz 4


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