Saturday, August 25, 2012

I think it's time for some changes-

No- I'm NOT pregnant again. But, we do have some announcements!!

We're moving- well, not us, but the blog.. sort of. Although, we've had a pretty decent relationship with Blogger over the last few years, we're growing up, so I've decided we're switching to WordPress.

What does that mean?

Right now, not a lot, for you guys. I've contacted a blog transfer service that will help make the transition smooth for you- and me- and we won't be making any major changes until the end of September, if all goes well. I'm excited!!

Also, this semester, Marissa is going to be an intern! No- not in the White House, but in a local school. She's very excited, but will be very busy, so we're taking on another contributor. Cyndy is one of the most fabulous cooks I've ever known, and the queen at whipping something up out of nothing. She's going to help us in expanding our recipe section, as well as contributing in a variety of means. She's excellent at organizing, space saving, and SO creative- she's got tons of talent hiding up her sleeves. I can't wait until she officially joins our 4BabyAndMom family.

I'm really excited, as there are new things on the horizon for 4BabyAndMom. We still have several giveaways open, so be sure to enter, and tell your friends.

Don't forget, our Hyped 4 The Holidays blog party is just around the corner. Do you have suggestions for a company YOU want to see featured? Comment below! Do you know a small business owner that might want to be featured? We love the little guys- tell them about us, or send us their info!


Cyndy August 26, 2012  

Thanks for the shout out Lauren, glad to be on Board!


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