Friday, August 10, 2012

Tutorial: How to Enter RaffleCopter Giveaways

We've received several messages from new followers about how to enter using the RaffleCopter Widget, or that they're not sure if they entered correctly-so we decided to make this quick tutorial showing exactly how to enter.

I used a real contest running right now on our blog, but as owner of this blog I can moderate the entries, and will delete my entry for obvious reasons, but I wanted to make sure you all understood that.

If you see the widget, then you are off to a good start. It should look like this:

If it doesn't look like that, you may need to refresh the page or click on the title of the giveaway. Usually, clicking on the title makes it open right. For some reason, RaffleCopter (not us) won't allow the widget to show more than once on a web page. By clicking on the title of the giveaway, it allows you to only have one page open, and the RaffleCopter won't get confused. ;)

After you click on LOG IN, and enter your information, it should look like this:

After you click on the DO THIS tab, a box will pop up telling you what you need to do. For most of our Back to School giveaways, we kept it simple. Sometimes this box will say you need to leave a comment on the blog, Like a Facebook Page, or enter your contact information for shipping purposes.

None of your personal information, including your email address, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest names will be used for purposes outside of the giveaway you are entering. We do not sell or share this information.

Click the green "Enter!" button after doing whatever it says in the box. After you do, the widget will expand, showing you the other bonus entry opportunities available. You'll also notice that the amount of entries have increased.

Then, view the extra entry opportunities, and complete them by clicking on the DO IT tabs. If you don't want to complete an entry (or don't have, say, a Twitter account), don't stress, just skip it.

If an extra entry opportunity needs additional information, like the link to a comment, Tweet, Pinterest pin, or share, you can enter it in the box provided.

Need help finding the URL, click the How Do I Find It? link on the widget. (See below.)

Repeat this down the list of extra entry opportunities, until you have finished for the day.

And that's basically it. It may seem overwhelming, or hard, but once you do it once, it's really super easy. You should notice the number of entries increase after a valid entry is received. It will also change the box to say DONE! (See an example in the picture above.)

For those of you who are comfortable entering daily through RaffleCopter, there are additional entries daily- like tweeting- that you can come back every day throughout the duration of the giveaway and complete again. If you are unsure if you completed all of the entries you could for the day, RaffleCopter will show you what's open as long as you are logged in. If you can complete another bonus entry, there will be a DO IT tab available to click on.

As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or comments, please feel free to leave a comment on this page or our Facebook page.



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