Thursday, August 30, 2012

**HOT** Publix Dr.Pepper/Mountain Dew/Pepsi Deal!! Exp 8/31

Do you have a Publix by you? If so, run, don't walk to your local Publix and stock up on soda.

Right now, Publix is running a sale for Pepsi products- buy 2, get 2 free. ($4.99/case)

HOWEVER, on the front of the yellow flier (at the front of the store, usually in a rotating kiosk) there is a coupon for Buy 1 Dr.Pepper or Mountain Dew, Get 1 Free.

If you pick up 1 Mountain Dew, 1 Dr. Pepper, then two other cases of whatever Pepsi product you love, that equals three free cases wyb 1!! Total cost out of pocket- $4.99. There's a limit at my store of three deals (12 cases!) at my store, your store may differ.

Want an even better deal? Some cases of Dr. Pepper have a peelie on it to save $1 when you buy two 12 packs. That is $2.99 cash out of pocket. Good Luck!



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