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Comotomo Baby Bottle Review and Giveaway! Ends 8/19

Back to School (and work) often means back to pumping, storing, thawing and feeding by bottle instead of by breast, for many moms. It's hard to believe that school is about to start, and that my little one is 13 weeks old I decided to try breastfeeding again, and in this instance, the third time was the charm.
Zachary has been successfully nursing, almost full time, since day one. He does drink from a bottle, and we do supplement him at night with soy formula.

After I had Zachary, I got a spinal headache. It was horrible, and that's a whole other post. Basically, I couldn't sit up, without feeling like my brain was going to explode. Think of your worst headache ever and multiply it by a gazillion.

Before they gave me the blood patch (to fix the spinal headache) they made me take a shower. They gave the baby a pacifier while I was in the shower, and then we spent the entire day trying to get him to latch correctly again. It was hard. We had to use an SNS for four days to help him along, and eventually got him back.

I tried six different bottles before I received a pitch for Comotomo- a new, innovative bottle, geared towards babies who breastfeed. As soon as I saw this bottle, I knew I had to try it. The base of the nipple is wider, allowing baby to latch the way he or she would to a breast. The body of the bottle is very soft, and squeezable. Squeezable? Yes.. squeezable.

Zachary is not a lazy eater. Abbie was, though, and this would have been incredibly helpful for her. She was a formula baby, but she would lose interest completely, and doze before her feeding was up, wake up, suckle again, and repeat.

Because the bottom is squeezable, you can simulate a 'let-down' and get the baby interested in feeding again. It's also particularly helpful during those last few pulls when there's *just-a-little* left in the bottom of the bottle, assuring there's no wasted milk.
150ml/5 oz bottle
Comotomo advertises that the soft exterior is supposed to feel like a breast to the baby. I cannot give you an opinion on that, because I'm not a baby. I do find that it's soft, a little textured, and much closer to skin than traditional bottles, but definitely not the same texture as my breast. Zachary will rub his little hand on me while he nurses, but he hasn't done that to his bottle at all. Now that he's a little older, (13 weeks) he tries to hold it, but hasn't been successful, yet. I think that it might be easier to hold, because of its wider base.

These bottles come in two sizes- 5 ounces (150 ml/slow flow) and 8 ounces (250ml/medium flow). We received both sizes to review. The wide-neck design is very easy for cleaning, you don't need any special brushes. This bottle is safe in the microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers; made with 100% safe materials: BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.

Zachary is a colicky baby, and this bottle contains innovative and non-leaking anti-colic vents. Do they work? I know when he tries other bottles he's gassier and fussier, and gets more air. I prefer this bottle over all of the others we've tried.
Who's more tired? Daddy or baby?
The price is a little steep, (about $15-16 for one), and it's available online at Amazon, or in stores at Target. They just launched in Target stores, so it may be hard to find. In my opinion, the price is worth it if you want a bottle that allows your baby to transition easily from breast to bottle, and have a more natural experience- even when you're not there.

For moms who are going back to work, or school, despite the wide base, orbit labels or other identifying bands *do* fit, making it easy to distinguish your baby's bottle from others at daycare, or your care-givers home.

The bottom line: I love this bottle. For us, it was a life saver. I think every nursing mama (and formula mama, too!) should get one for their shower so that Dad can have the same bonding experience we share with our baby. I think it's worth the money, and with Amazon, it ships free with super saver shipping on all orders over $25. The only con I've experienced, is that because of the flexible bottom, you need to make sure when you fill it, it's properly on the counter- I've almost tipped it over several times, and with the wide neck opening, the milk will slosh out easily. It's super easy to make powdered formula in (on the go), and really easy to sterilize.

Our friends at Comotomo have offered our readers a chance to win a pair of Comotomo bottles for their baby! Enter on the RaffleCopter widget below.
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Kat August 12, 2012  

I've been quite determined to continue breastfeeding, but the reality is that, I cannot direct feed all the time. I am curious about these bottles, I hjope they work for me as they did for you..

Liza August 13, 2012  

I will give those bottles a try!

VickeC August 13, 2012  

my daughter in law is expecting her first baby an is planning to breast feed,id like to win this for her

Start To Finish Supplies August 13, 2012  

This would be a great baby gift for my sister. She is expecting her first baby.

katie at coverbutton dot net

TonyaHopkins August 14, 2012  

I would love to win for baby #3 due in December

Robyn August 14, 2012  

I would love to have this for baby #4 due in Dec. I plan to breastfeed but would like a bottle for supplementing!

Country Cookin' Mama August 18, 2012  

Because we could use some new bottles.

Janice,  August 19, 2012  

What fantastic looking bottles! 2 is coming in 8 short weeks and I'd love to be able to try these out!

KatieO August 19, 2012  

I have a little one on the way! I'd love to win to have some great bottles to try!

Anonymous,  May 14, 2013  

I have purchased these bottles for my daughter, can any body tell me which steralizer to buy?


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