Friday, June 26, 2009

A Bittersweet Day at 4BabyAndMom...

For those of you who haven't been with me since January...

At the beginning of this year, we were asked to be non-relative custodial caregivers for a beautiful, preemie baby girl. We accepted, and our life became rather interesting very quickly.

My children were both turkeys at birth- (Alex was 10lbs, 5 oz, & Abbie was 8lbs 15 oz two weeks early!)- so I had to get used to having a peanut in the house. NewBaby was born at 1lb 13 oz, and when we got her, she was just over 4 and a half pounds! I had to explain to the children that even though she was a 'newborn', she was *not* their sister. We explained that we were going to be "babysitting" for the baby for awhile. They accepted that. (Thankfully, the year prior I had been watching a couple of kids that were with us for awhile and then left to enroll in Preschool, so I think that helped too.)

Through the months, we watched as NewBaby grew in leaps and bounds. She packed on the pounds quickly, and evenly, and we sat in wonder and awe every time a doctor told us she was a "miracle baby". She truly is a blessing that was meant to be here, to serve a greater purpose, and the things God has in store for her must be amazing! To go through everything she did while in utero, and afterwards-- she's truly a miracle.. and every day we recognized it.

Everyone asked as the days and weeks kept passing, how were we ever going to give her back? Without hesitating, we both would say we would know when it was time. That time was today.

NewBaby has been officially reunified with her birth father at court today.

We got to meet up with her this evening to say "good-bye", even though the bio-dad and his girlfriend said we'd stay in contact, I wanted to make sure the kids got that closure. That Bri and I got that closure too. After all, for almost 6 months we were that baby's primary caregivers. It is hard to love a little one that you know is 'not yours' when you know that you're not going to be with them forever, but the love came so freely. To watch her eyes light up when we spoke to her today, that made it all worth while!

I hope and pray, that things go well for her at her new home, with her real dad.. and his family. I can only pray that God protects her and continues to bless her little life, and anyone who meets her. She truly is a walking an army-crawling, rolly-poly, miracle. Our lives have been blessed knowing NewBaby, and nothing can ever change that. We will definitely miss her.


Courtney June 26, 2009  

What a wonderful, selfless thing you did for that baby! Every baby deserves to have a loving family, but when they don't get born into one, to have that second chance is irreplaceable. I hope that you know what a difference you made in that baby's life - she might not remember you since she's so young, but what you and your family did for her will echo for her entire life. The world needs more people like your family! :)


jjean,  June 26, 2009  

That is a marvelous service, and very selfless. Having newborns (and premies) at home, I now know how much work they are. And how much joy. I can't imagine sending them off... You have given her such a gift! Her healthy & loving start is exactly what she needed--something that will always be with her.

Leigh June 26, 2009  

What an amazing thing for you to do! God Bless you for your generosity and love!

LADYHIGHTOWER June 26, 2009  

God in His infinite wisdom bestowed on NewBaby a miraculous gift-YOU! And how glorious that YOU were the chosen one. Unconditional love is what it's all about! May God surround you and yours with the white light of salvation and joy! Go with God, my friend!

Brandy June 26, 2009  

Wow. I didn't know this about your family. I have always wanted to be a foster type mother but not sure I have the room to do it, hubs says he isn't opposed but we would not have enough room for the child.

I am amazed at how much you quite obviously love this newbaby and I loved hearing this story. I hope that they family does stay in touch but if not I am glad you all were able to say good byes.

Such a sweet story but also sad .. Sending HUGS your families way!


Amanda,  June 26, 2009  

This is an amazing thing that you did! Some day, the child will really appreciate it.


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