Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Updates at 4BabyAndMom!

Just wanted to touch base with my readers to let you all know what's been going on in the home of 4BabyAndMom!

Alex has two more days left of school! He is very excited to become a first grader, and have a real school experience.

Abbie is potty training, and has gone pee pee on the potty three days in a row, as long as she's butt nekkid. If she's wearing a pair of undies, she occasionally pees in them, but in the diaper is a definite. I figure we'll work on that more this summer.

Bri's back to working on Fridays!! WOOOO! Hopefully, this will mean we can catch up on some things again. (X your fingers!!)

I am pulling together last minute details for the last day of school- (what do I get his teacher?!), swim lessons that start on the 9th for the both of them-(I'll be at the pool from 9:40-11:30am!), tons of testing for Alex over the summer (allergies, gifted, etc), why the pool is deflated and 6 inches lower- (Weather? Cat? Hole?) and the reunification with NewBaby's birth father!

It's not official yet, but she's going to be leaving us very soon. As difficult as it is to say good-bye, I can honestly say the season has come for her to begin her life with her birth father.

I am excited for our summer to begin, and for this interesting, emotional, disasterous, inspiring, weird, exhausting chapter of our lives to close.



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