Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wanna get away??

Vacations To Go helps people just like you, who need an escape, and plan a last minute cruise at up to 75% off! Vacations To Go know that the economy is rough right now and you are probably working harder than ever. Their prices make that long dreamed of escape to someplace far-far-away, a reality!


I miss the days where Bri and I could just hop in a car and take a road trip and end up 4 hours away just to do some sight seeing or some shopping. Having kids makes it difficult, but with the awesome 90-day ticker at Vacations To Go, you can find a cruise that fits your budget easier than piling the kids in the car and heading to the next state!

We actually used Vacations To Go to plan our honeymoon. Everyone was baffled over the prices- (we lived in NY and headed out for a Fall Foliage cruise for 4 days)- the entire cruise was less than $800 for the both of us. We had a huge room with a balcony, and the ship knew it was our honeymoon, and made it extra special for us! It was delightful, and super easy to book!

Now that we live in the south, I would LOVE to take a cruise to Mexico or the Bahamas (I found one starting at $179!!!). Bri still longs for a trip to California to take a super long Alaskan cruise.. with prices starting at $329, we might be able to take that trip sooner than later! We decided that when our tax refund comes in that we are going to plan our next vacation- just the two of us. Now all we need is to convince my mom to watch the kids!

Head over to Vacations To Go and explore what kinds of deals you can get for your last minute cruise and share with me what cruise you found using the 90-Day Ticker tool!




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