Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How do you Protect yourself?

Having someone break into my house has got to be my biggest fear. The mere thought of someone ruining my idea of safety and security in my own home, taking my memories and possessions.. breaks my heart, and makes me want to double check the locks again before I leave. Unfortunately, at this time our only defense against intruders are the locks on our door, and my husband. We do have golf clubs near the bed, but I’m not too sure that would count! The comfort of having a real alarm system is something I dream of, but with prices like these, it’s closer to a reality for us.

After finding out about this great deal, I recommended these great packages to a very good friend of mine that is in the process of moving. The set-up for service is super easy, and the sales associates walk you through the steps to figure out which package is best for your home. Your package with your new alarm system comes in the mail several days later. My friend lives in an apartment, so she got the Copper Package, with three entry points (2 windows & a door) plus the motion detector, it’s perfect for her to feel safe!

There are many packages at Protect America, with up front costs ranging from free to $149. Right now Protect America is offering their Gold Package at a discounted rate of only $99! The Gold Package includes your very own wireless security system with 12 Entry Points & 1 Motion Detector plus an internal siren & door chime, battery backup, one button arming, 3 window decals, and a yard sign so intruders know that your home is protected. Plus if you call now, Protect America is offering two free keychain remotes with your order! It's toll free: 1-877-470-2751, and only your safety and memories are at risk.




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