Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I think my computer crashed..

Or something like that happened!

I've been using the new laptop, (we just got it in February), and I had a bunch of thing on my desktop, and they're not there anymore! Bri said it was slow loading the other day, and "windows was reconfiguring" or something along those lines.. Next thing I know I sign on later that night, and everything's GONE! I have a mini panic attack, find all the files, put them back on my desktop yesterday. I can't find a CD to back it up, so I figure today when I sign on I'll back it up after I buy a disc on the way back from dropping Alex off at school. I come home, sign on, and the desktop is blank (except the standard icons) again! GAAAH! This time, I can't find some of those files/folders.

I'm over technology today. Any suggestions on where to look for them?


eastsidemommy June 02, 2009  

I really wish I could help with the computer problem, but I can't! I'm sure somebody will come along who can though.

I tagged you in my post because I love reading your blog! Here is the link: http://bit.ly/12oIgF


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