Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

There's not a lot of pictures of my husband and I on this site, actually, there's no pictures of my husband at all. The one most amazing thing about my husband, is that he is the most incredible father for my two little lovebugs. When Daddy walks through the door, their eyes light up like the sky on the Fourth of July! My son knows that Dad is always up to build something, make a mess of some sort, or convince mommy that getting Frosty's before bed really is a great idea. My daughter knows that with one look of her big, beautiful, brown eyes, whatever it is in the world she wants- is hers- despite how very hard Bri tried not to let that happen. So, in celebration of Father's Day weekend, I figured I would Celebrate my children's father, and post a picture of my hottie husband- Brian.


Tj and Amy June 22, 2009  

Yah I won the sun protection giveaway. yah! My computer won't let me send you an email for some reason. I can give you my shipping info. thanks for the heads up I was out of town.


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